★ Lesson fee: NAOKO japanese cooking class kyoto- Daitokuj DAISEN-IN Kyoto

Traditional Basic Japanese home cooking.http://www.b-model.net/daisen-in I would like to you know the real tast & real Japan & japanese food culture. You can these cooking in your Super Yacht. ★ You need to pay the admission charge ¥400-. You can see the Garden before 13:00 that the cooking lesson start. Opening time of the garden : 09:00-17:00.(December&January&February : 09:00-16:30). ◉ Not taking photographs. ★ Lesson Time:13:00-17:00 (4hours) 1person Lesson Fee:¥2,709,288- (¥2,220,000+13%+Tax) 2person Lesson Fee:¥4,063,932- (¥3,330,000+13%+Tax) you also have to pay the bought ingredients price(At least¥16,128-) & cookwares price(At least¥77,400-) by a shopping, and the Lesson Fee. If You want to buy the cookware of high quality, the payment price becomes high. An example:A bowl for tea ceremony =1 hundred million yen. ★By 2weeks before,the full amoumt payment. ★By 2weeks before,without the full amount repayments. (A long-established shop & a particular store are because time is spent on your purpose from 2weeks before and its prepared.) ★The lesson charge: please transfer the Bank account. (When making a reservation,the Bank account number is told.) [Details of reservation] ①It's confirmed whether DAISEN-IN kitchen can be reserved in a request date. ②If It's possible to reserve,please do the full amount payment. ③DAISEN-IN kitchen is reserved after the full amoumt payment confirmation. [The lesson contents] ①Monday,Tuesday start. ②A list of the stores When you go to shopping,is sent by the mail to your Hotel that while You are staying in Japan. ③I don't go to shopping with you. ④A person in an old established store explains by Japanese of Kyoto accent. The 1st day: shopping(cooking tools) Katsuobushi kezuriki(dried bonito shave container). Otama(Ladle),Hashi(chop sticks),Owan(Bowl). The 2nd day: shopping(cooking tools) Hashioki(chopstick rest),Chawan[Bowl(for tea ceremony)],Chasen(tea whisk), Chashaku(Tea scoop),Fukin(washcloth),Kyusu(Tea pot),Yunomi(Tea cup). Katsuobushi,Konbu,Salt,Soysauce,Miso. The 3rd day: shopping(the ingredients) Macha(powdered green tea),Sencha(green tea),Higashi(sweets for tea ceremony), Kaishi(paper for tea ceremony). The 4th day: 13:00-17:00 Lesson ①Macha(powdered green tea) NAOKO's way. The 5th day: 13:00-17:00 Lesson ①Dashi ②Sumashi(clear soup) ③Miso shiru(Miso soup) ★Observers will be charged same price as well. ★Overseas travel insurance joining is indispensable. ★No smoking ★No Alcohol ★ Very rare. When there was request to DAISEN-IN from a Kyoto city office after reservation,the place is changed. [The cancellation charge] ①From a contract day to 90 days before in a date. The cancellation charge is 10% of the Lesson Fee. ②From 89 days before in a date, untill 60 days before. The cancellation charge is 10% of the Lesson Fee. ③From 59 days before in a date, untill 30 days before. The cancellation charge is 30% of the Lesson Fee. A fixed date change charge is 20% of the Lesson Fee. ④From 29 days before in a date, untill 15 days before. The cancellation charge is 50% of the Lesson Fee. A fixed date change charge is 50% of the Lesson Fee. ⑤From 14 days before in a date, untill the date day. The cancellation charge is 100% of the Lesson Fee. A fixed date change charge is 100% of the Lesson Fee. ◉Reservation for cooking lesson Phone:Japan-80-1484-3506 Phone from Japan:080-1484-3506 Email:naoko_okamoto007@nifty.com [日本語] NAOKO japanese cooking class kyoto 大徳寺 大仙院 伝統的な日本の家庭料理の基本 本当の味と本当の日本と日本食文化を知って頂きたいです。 貴方のスーパーヨットの中で出来ます。 ★ ¥400-の拝観料を支払って中に入って下さい。 cooking lesson開始の13:00前まで庭園の拝観が可能です。 庭園の開園時間: 09:00-17:00. (12月と1月と2月 : 09:00-16:30). ◉ 写真を撮らないで下さい。 レッスン時間:13:00-17:00 (4時間) lesson料金(1人)¥2,709,288- (¥2,220,000+13%+Tax) lesson料金(2人)¥4,063,932- (¥3,330,000+13%+Tax) 貴方はレッスン料金とショッピングで買う食材代最低¥16,128-と料理道具代最低¥77,400-を支払う必要があります。 もし質の良い料理道具が欲しいのなら支払い金額は高くなります。 例:茶碗(茶道用)=1億円 ★2週間前までに全額入金 ★2週間前:全額返金無し (老舗とこだわりの店が2週間前から貴方の為に時間を費やし用意をするからです。) ★lesson料金:口座振り込み(予約時に銀行口座番号を伝えます) [予約の詳細] ①希望日に大仙院の厨房が予約できるか確認します。 ②予約が可能なら全額入金して下さい。 ③全額入金確認後、大仙院の厨房を予約します。 [lesson内容] ①月曜日、火曜日 スタート。 ②貴方がshoppingに行く時のお店のリストは、日本滞在中のホテルへ郵送します。 ③私は貴方と一緒にshoppingに行きません。 ④老舗•こだわりのお店の人は京都弁で説明します。 1日目:shopping(道具)鰹節削り器、お玉、箸、お椀。 2日目:shopping(道具)箸置き、茶碗(茶道用)、茶筅、茶杓、ふきん、急須、湯のみ。 鰹節、昆布、塩、醤油、味噌 3日目:shopping(食材)抹茶、煎茶、干菓子、懐紙。 4日目 13:00-17:00 lesson ①抹茶 尚子流 5日目 13:00-17:00 lesson ①だし ②すまし ③みそ汁 ★見学者も同料金を頂きます。 ★海外旅行保険加入必須。 ★禁煙 ★禁酒 ★ <注意> 大変稀ですが予約後、京都市役所から大仙院へ依頼があった場合は、場所は変更致します。 [取り消し料金] ①契約日から開催日の90日前まで 取り消し料はレッスン料金の10%. ②開催日の89日前から60日前までの間 取り消し料はレッスン料金の20%. ③開催日の59日前から30日前までの間 取り消し料はレッスン料金の30%. 期日変更料はレッスン料金の20%. ④開催日の29日前から15日前までの間 取り消し料はレッスン料金の50%. 期日変更料はレッスン料金の50%. ⑤開催日の14日前から開催日当日までの間 取り消し料はレッスン料金の100%. 期日変更料はレッスン料金の100%. ◉予約-クッキングレッスン 電話番号(海外から) +81-80-1484-3506 電話番号(日本国内) 080-1484-3506 Email: naoko_okamoto007@nifty.com

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